Friday, October 7, 2011

Thoughts on Captain Pominville

So the Sabres went and got themselves a captain yesterday... a decision that was, of course, met with consternation from the fanbase.  (We are Buffalo fans, after all.)

I was a little surprised at the reaction to the announcement of Captain Pominville on Twitter.  Seems that there's a whole lot of folks out there who are genuinely upset that it's not Thomas Vanek wearing the C, that Pominville is the "wrong" choice.

Might I ask why this is the case?

Essentially, I think the Sabres fanbase spent so much time convincing itself that Thomas Vanek is the only logical choice for captain that any other choice would be automatically rejected.  And that's not fair to Pominville, who may not be a flashy or sexy pick as captain but is as even-keel as it gets.  When I think of a captain, these words come to mind: sturdy, solid, dependable.  Is that not Jason Pominville?  He may not ever lead the Sabres in points, but has there been a more consistent (or durable, concussions and skate blades notwithstanding) Sabre over the last few years at both ends of the ice?

Because of a preconceived notion that Thomas Vanek is the Chosen One, however, the consensus seems to be that Pominville is the "wrong" pick.  And that mystifies me.

I get that people love what Vanek brings to the table.  So do I.  As Vanek goes, so goes the team.  He's displayed an almost supernatural ability to throw the team on his back at times.  He stepped up his game in a big-time way when Derek Roy was lost for the season last year. 

But perhaps there are things about Vanek we don't know - and similarly, things about Pominville that we don't know -  that swayed Lindy to choose Pominville over Vanek.  In the end, we're just fans.  We're not "in the room" and there's a whole lot of stuff we're not privy to.

I guess what I'm saying is that there are worse things to be upset about - and if I haven't convinced you of that yet, please recall last year when previous captain Craig "Cement Skates" Rivet found his butt nailed to the bench by the end of October.  Despite not having a guy on the ice wearing a C on his chest, the Sabres still found a way to extricate themselves from the conference cellar and made the playoffs.  Tell me, exactly how much of this matters again?

Drop the puck already so we can debate stuff that actually means something! 

(And yes, I realize I just wrote 400+ words on something that "doesn't matter".  I haven't blogged here in over two months and I have to get back in the flow somehow!)

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