Friday, October 16, 2009

Pregame: Game 5, Sabres vs. Islanders

Tonight we welcome the Kansas City New York Islanders to the barn.  The Isles have gotten off to a very slow start as one of only two winless teams left in the NHL.

What I'm watching for tonight:

  •  Will Lalime make his first start of the season?  As of this writing, there's no word on Lindy's choice of goalie. With back to back games this weekend, I'd play him here because the Thrashers are capable of scoring much more so than the Islanders are.  Then again, Lalime did play very well against Atlanta last October on the road.
  • Will Dan Paille make an impact?   It looks like Paille is in and Vanek is out, at least for tonight; Paille will likely be playing on the Stafford-Roy line.  I expect to see a very aggressive Dan Paille, as this may be his last shot at proving himself with the Sabres.
  • Will Tyler Myers ever fail to give me something to write about?  Seriously.  Every game the kid has done at least something newsworthy. 
The Stat Line: 4-1 Sabres, 60 shots on goal, hooking

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